Personal Email Invite

Before you invite a new user from a school in the AcadeMap Suite, we recommend first sending them a personal email from you (the Licensee) explaining a bit about the system and what they can expect as far as creating an account and logging into the first time.

CLICK HERE to see a sample email template. Feel free to copy this and make any changes or additions you feel necessary. Not all schools will have access to both ID Cards and Certificates, so keep that in mind when sending the email. We recommend creating a few different email templates tailored for each type of school user you may have.

Users Section of a School

After you have sent your personal email to a new User, you are now ready to invite the new User to a school. From your Licensee Dashboard click on the Go to school button on the school you wish to view, then click on the Admin button on the left menu. You will now be in the Admin panel for that school. Click the Users tab in the top left corner to switch to the Users for this organization window.

User List

Here you will see a list of all suite users. If no one has been invited to create an account yet, then there will be no one listed here.

To add a new User, click on the “+INVITE USER” button in the top right corner to invite a new user to this school’s AcadeMap™ Suite.

Invite User

After clicking “+INVITE USER”, enter their email address, salutation, first and last name, and access level.

There are 3 starting access levels:

View: this user can log in to view News & Events and the People Directory, but cannot make any changes.

Edit: this user can create News & Event posts, edit participants and groups/classes in the People Directory, and make Certificates and ID Cards. They cannot access the Admin Panel or change other Users’ permission levels.

Admin: this user has complete access to the suite and the Admin Panel. 

When you are finished, click “INVITE” to send the email.

(NOTE: You can also invite a Teacher or Team member from your Directory. To see how, click here)

User Permissions

In the User list, click a User to see and edit their permissions.

From here, toggle a User’s permissions on or off to customize their permission level.

Click “DISABLE USER” to prohibit them from logging into your school suite. They will no longer appear in the User list.

You can re-invite disabled Users at any time.

When you are done making changes, click “CONFIRM” to save them.