Open Master Import Data in Excel

If you are planning to import data contained in a CSV, open that CSV with excel and save to Excel.

Note that AcadeMap requires v10 of excel so you will need to be able to save out to file type XLSX.

Add the AcadeMap Header Row

At the top of your excel, create a new header row (right click on column 1 and add a row above).

You can copy/paste the AcadeMap header row from this reference file – importheaderrow.xlsx. Note that the reference excel is contained within a Zip folder.

OR you can manually type the following into the new header row (make sure to pay attention to case and spelling):

  1. Key
  2. First name
  3. Last Name
  4. Class
  5. Grade
  6. Student ID
  7. Image Name
  8. Title
  9. Salutation
  10. email

Confirm Columns

Make sure the columns match the new header row you just created.

Note for TimeStone users – You were able to map the fields for First Name, Last Name, and Student ID but the other fields may be custom for you and your team. Refer to the TimeStone instructions pertaining to field logic with questions.

Save Your Import Excel

Save the import excel. You’re now ready to import to AcadeMap!

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