Before You Begin – Review or Modify the AcadeMap Export XML

The next stage of this tutorial includes a link to download the standard AcadeMap Export XML file that you’ll then be able to setup as a TS preset for fast export. HOWEVER – a couple of fields used in AcadeMap may have different names for your organization. If that’s the case, you’ll want to notify the AcadeMap team so they can customize the export XML for you (or, if you’re comfortable modifying the code, you are welcome to do that from the standard file)

Fields that need to match AcadeMap:
Teacher – AcadeMap assumes that most school photo companies are using a field called Teacher. If you use something other than “Teacher” to show class designation, then the XML will need to be modified. Note that the Teacher field in TS will translate to the CLASS field in your final import excel.

Grade – AcadeMap assumes that Grade is a common field for School Photo Companies. If you are using something other than “Grade” then the XML will need to be modified.

Notes about Grade:

  • Grade is a universal filter in the AcadeMap People Directory. If you don’t match the pre-built grades, then your import will still work BUT you won’t be able to leverage that universal filter. The preset Grades for AcadeMap are; PS, TK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Grade is how AcadeMap knows whether the subject you’re importing is a Student or not. If your subject has a grade assigned, then AcadeMap will assume that subject is a student (whether or not that Grade matches one of the AcadeMap preset grades)
  • Grades are tied to AcadeMap’s logic for promotion. In the School Admin panel, you set a promotion date. At that time, all class and group associations will be cleared and your students will advance to the next available Grade. If your subjects do not match the AcadeMap presets for grade, then they will not advance on your appointed promotion date.

Contact your AcadeMap representative if you have questions before beginning your export/import process.

Add the AcadeMap XML to Your TS Exports

Download the AcadeMap Export XML for TS here – AcadeMap Export.xml

Note that the XML file is contained in a zipped folder. You may have to unzip the folder to access the XML.

Add the XML file to your exports by following the instructions in the TS article located here – Look for the section called “Location of the XML files.”

Note that this will have to be done on each station where TS exports will be generated.

Export Your Job

Step 1: Prepare Your Job – Main Image
In your job, select the main/primary image to include in your export out to AcadeMap. Note that AcadeMap will only accept one image per subject.

Step 2: Select the AcadeMap Export Preset
The new Export preset will show under the “US School Admin” category in your exports list. One selected, you’ll notice that the image box will be forced to show filtered. That means your export will include whichever filter you activated in step 1.

Note that all images will be resized to 668×912. They will only show this big to school administrators who want to plant them inside a certificate. Customers will only ever have access to tiny-web-res thumbnail within the context of their parent app.

Click NEXT.

Step 3: Field Mapping
You’ll need to select which of your fields will be used as the subjects First Name, Last Name, and Student ID.

A note about student IDs – if you are planning to use AcadeMap for sharing portraits or updating data via batch import, then you’ll want to make sure to include student IDs. If you don’t, the AcadeMap system will think that every subject is unique. The only way for AcadeMap to match subjects (especially across jobs) is by Student ID.

Click NEXT.

Step 4: Data Grooming
If your organization uses test data (or anything other than the subject), this is the perfect time to de-select that so it is NOT included in your export.

Click NEXT.

Step 5: Select the Export Destination Folder
Select where you want your export to be saved on your system.

Click NEXT.

Your TS Job export will process. When it is complete, you’ll see the folder you created on your system. Within that folder, will be a sub-folder called AcadeMap containing a CSV file and all the images from your job.