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(Note: in each students’ profile is a field called ‘Custom Award Text’. This can be edited by clicking ‘Edit’ on the student’s profile. Custom Award Text can be added to a certificate order.)
Login to My.AcadeMap.com and select the individual(s) you wish a order a document for by click the check box next to their name, then click the “Document Maker” button in the left navigation menu.

The Document Maker will show all document templates available to your school. Scroll down to see the complete list. Click a document title to view it.

Here you can preview the document.

You can edit the content of various fields in the document and decide whether or not they should be printed (for example, deselect the ‘Print Headline’ box to hide that field in the document).

Under ‘Award Text’, you can either have universal text for all documents in the order, or have the Custom Award Text from each student’s profile appear here. (If a student has no Custom Award Text in their profile, this field will be blank.)

Once you are satisfied with your changes, scroll to the bottom and click NEXT.
Preview the documents in your order by hovering over the preview image and clicking the back or forward arrows.
Select ‘Print Now (From Web)’ to print or save the images from your computer, or select ‘Ship to Me’ to have your school photographer print and ship your document (if your school photographer has enabled this option).

Credits will be subtracted from your account according to how many documents you order.

Once you are finished, click ‘I have previewed my order and verified that it looks correct’, then scroll down and click NEXT.

Once the order finishes processing, a print dialogue box will appear. You can either immediately print the order by clicking PRINT, or you can select a different printer by clicking the ‘Change…’ button.
Select a printer, or save the document as a PDF by selecting ‘Save As PDF’.