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Add a shape to your document by clicking ‘Add Element’ and then clicking ‘Shape’.
The default shape is a white box. It appears in the top left corner of your canvas.

You can change the height and width of the shape (as well as other general settings) in the General settings tab.

Open the Shape settings tab to edit specific qualities of the shape.
Click ‘Select Color’ to change the color of your shape.

If your school photographer has entered your school’s colors into your school profile, clicking ‘Primary Color’ or ‘Secondary Color’ will change the shape to that color.

Adjusting the Radius of the shape smooths the edges. Setting the Radius to 100% turns the shape into a circle or oval (depending on shape dimensions.)

Changing the size of the Border adds a border to your shape. You can also change the border Color.

Be sure to save your changes when you are finished.