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To begin using the Document Maker: login to my.academap.com, go to the People section, select 1 individual (it doesn’t matter who) and click Document Maker in the left menu.

Here is a list of all documents available to your school. You can either create a brand-new template by clicking ‘ADD STYLE’, or modify an existing template by clicking ‘COPY’ above a template.

This is the actual document maker. Note: a document MUST have a name in order for it to save. You can modify the name on the top left hand side.

Use descriptive names when creating documents so they are easy to identify in your list of documents.

Be sure to save your changes as you work!

These are the main document settings (top bar). From left to right:

NAME: edit the name of the document
PRESETS: change the canvas size
HEIGHT & WIDTH: if you select Custom Landscape or Custom Portrait presets, you can manually adjust the height and width of your document
STATUS: green = visible to all users who have access to the document maker, grey = only visible to admins
FLIP: edit the other side of the document (Side A or B)
SAVE: save all changes
CLOSE: return to the Document Maker main menu

Click the ‘Open’ button in the top right-hand corner to access the Elements menu.

Click the Elements drop-down to view a list of all the elements in your document.

To select and edit an element, you can click the name of that element in the Elements drop-down.

You can also click and drag an element to both move and select it.