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People Directory
Everything in one place.

Manage your entire organization with the comprehensive, mobile-responsive directory. Use it to manage members in a church, teams in sports league, and/or every student in a school. The directory offers a host of features at your fingertips:

Members Album
A complete view of members in your organization.
Manage Groups/Users
Group users for easier communication and connection.
The AcadeMap™ Suite is web-based, which means no installations are necessary.
Communicate to App
Updates made in the suite are reflected to all users in the app.

Highly Secure:

Data Protection

AcadeMap™ utilizes encryption, timed logouts, multi-factor authentication and secure servers to protect your content



AcadeMap™ suite and mobile app conforms to PII, PCI, COPPA and FERPA safety protocols


User-Based Permissions

Users can only access features permitted by the administrator, preventing unwanted changes.

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Alerts      >      IDs & Certificates      >      News & Events      >     Directory      >      Mobile App