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About IDcircle™
AcadeMap™ has partnered with IDcircle™ to provide you all the benefits of the IDcircle™ experience

You can learn more about IDcircle™ at their website –

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IDcircle™ - Add a Person

The people you’ve already added to AcadeMap™ (usually using a key provided by a school’s photography company) should automatically appear in IDcircle™. If you’d like to add another person, click the icon at the top right. When you add someone, you’ll start with their photo and then provide profile information.

IDcircle™ - Safety ID
This is good to have on hand for anyone in your care. Add a person, or click their profile from the main list. Add or edit a photo. Provide general information.

When you add a person to your AcadeMap™ app, we’ll start a Safety ID for them in IDcircle™.  You can tap their profile to view their two ID cards… Safety ID and Trip ID.  We’ll talk about Trip IDs in a different post.  For now, tap on the Safety ID to update profile information.

Safety IDs will automatically set an expiration date some time from when you edit it to let you know if may be time to come back and update.

Tap the card in order to:

  • Share it – you can share a digital ID with family members, babysitters, etc.  They can use this in case of an emergency
  • Download it – keep a copy of it on your device photo gallery.  Keep it in your mobile “wallet” in case you need to reference it at any point
  • Purchase it – you can order a printed / physical Safety ID Card to keep in your wallet or to give to someone in case they have a hard time remembering important information
  • Create an Alert – we’ll cover this in a different post.
IDcircle™ - Trip ID
Create a new Trip ID any time you’re going out. Especially useful for small children. This allows you to have a current photo and up-to-date information for that day.

If it’s your first time using this function, just tap the Trip ID card.  If not, tap the card and choose “Edit”.

  1. Take a picture of the person to show what they look like right now.
  2. Add some additional information about your trip – especially where you are.


When you’re finished, you’ll have this ID in the IDcircle™ section of your AcadeMap™ app.  Now you can use this ID just like you’d use a normal Safety ID.  The big difference is that THIS IS THE ID YOU’D WANT TO CREATE AN ALERT FROM IF YOU’RE ON A TRIP since it has the most recent information and image of your missing person.

IDcircle™ - Create a Missing Person Alert
Once you have created an ID (Safety ID or Trip ID) in IDcircle™, you may use that ID to generate a Missing Person Alert.

  1. If something happens and your child or family member goes missing, CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES.  That’s always the very first thing you’ll want to do.  You can use IDcircle™ afterward to let other app users know about the alert and/or share an ID with authorities.
  2. Tap the most appropriate ID to use.  Note that, if you’re on a trip, that’s most certainly the one you’ll want to use.
  3. Let us know important information like where and when the person was last seen.
  4. Confirm that everything looks correct and then…

Your alert will be sent to all AcadeMap™ users in your state and in adjacent states.

You can also download your alert after it’s generated so you can share that with the authorities and/or Social Media.

IDcircle™ - Responding to an Alert
If you receive an alert and have information about a Missing Person, CONTACT AUTHORITIES!

Even though the Missing Person alert may have contact information for the guardian who posted the alert, don’t do anything until after you have contacted authorities.  At that point, it’s up to you as to whether you want to contact someone outside of AcadeMap™.

NOTE: AcadeMap™ is not responsible for the content or efficacy of alerts which have been generated by other users.  That said, if you receive an alert that seems questionable, please don’t hesitate to contact AcadeMap™ using the form at the bottom of this page.

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