Select Multiple People

Check the boxes next to the people you wish to select.

If you want to select everyone in your current view, click “Select All” at the bottom bar.

NOTE: if you are not using filters when you click this button, it will select everyone in your school.

Click “Bulk Actions”

Once you’ve selected everyone you want to perform actions on, click the “Bulk Actions” button on the bottom bar.

Manage Selected People

This is the Manage Selected People screen.

At the top, you will see a scrolling list of all people selected. Click the X to deselect a person.

At the bottom is a list of available actions.

Assign People: assign the selected people to a group or class from a drop-down menu of all groups and classes.

Unassign People: unassign all selected people from a drop-down menu of all groups and classes any selected person is in.

Delete People: remove all selected people from the Directory. NOTE: this cannot be undone!

Invite to App: this invites all selected people to download the AcadeMap mobile app from the Google Play or Apple store.

When you are finished with your chosen action(s), click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom.


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