This short video explains how to manage volunteers that have been submitted by your school photographer:

1. Log in to and click the ‘People’ tab on the left-hand menu.

2. At the top, click ‘Group’ and filter for the group ‘Unapproved Volunteers’. (If any individuals are in this group who should not be there, remove them by clicking on their image, clicking ‘EDIT’, and then ‘DELETE THIS PERSON”. Note: This action is permanent and cannot be recovered).

3. Click the ‘Select All’ button at the bottom.

4. Click the ‘Bulk Actions’ button at the bottom and then check the bubble for “Approve Volunteers” then click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

5. The system will now move these people out of the ‘Unapproved Volunteers’ group and into the ‘Approved Volunteers’ group then take you to the final step which is completing the order for their badges. When you click on the ‘COMPLETE YOUR ORDER’ button you’re all done.

If you need more help, please contact your School Photography Partner.